The Daily Grind Speciality Coffee Bar


The Daily Grind Speciality Coffee Bar is the latest addition to Hard Grind HQ in Dundee. Enjoy cuts, clothing and now gourmet coffee all under one roof at 18A/B Exchange Street, Dundee

Quality is key. Break away from the commodity side and you find yourself lost in a beautiful world of something we know as Speciality coffee.

~ Zagarious ~

The Daily Grind prides itself on quality, Not only in the service we provide in house but in the coffee we have taken the time to personally source and offer to our customers. We are not only bringing experience, but passion and with this we believe we can offer something quite unique.

We thrive to stay ahead of the game and working closely with like minded people lets us do exactly that. We are delighted to be teaming up with local coffee roasters Sacred Grounds and know that their personal excellence and drive will allow us to continually bring you, the consumer the finest and freshest of speciality coffee.

Keeping in line with our sister projects The Daily Grind will offer a very welcoming laid back environment where we want you to feel at home. Whether you need to plug in and hit those essay deadlines, catch up with friends or just take time out from lives hustle and bustle we will be there to keep you fuelled. Grab a book off the bookshelf to get lost in for a while, appreciate the wall mounted art work or just enjoy the vast array of hand picked tunes playing in the background. The Daily Grind is not just a coffee shop, it’s part of a lifestyle.